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How To Fix a Running Toilet

How to fix a running toilet? A running toilet does not only waste water or raise your water bill (read ahead for more) it can also be really annoying when you’re trying to sleep at night. Thankfully, we have this quick article that will teach you how to fix a running toilet in a jiffy! Let’s begin!

Food Color Test: Add some drops of food coloring into your toilet’s tank. If you see the color in the toilet bowl (without flushing), then you have yourself a running toilet that needs attention ASAP.

What if I don’t fix my running toilet?

A small stream of running water can amount to anywhere between 4500-6000 gallons of water a month! That much water can really overflow your water bill! Apart from that, it can also block

your pipes, leading to flooding through your drainage and septic tank. Yuck!

how to fix a running toilet 1

How to fix a running toilet in my house?

Thankfully, learning how to fix a running toilet isn’t nearly as difficult as it may sound. Let’s go through some possibilities:

For a worn flapper:

The rubber flapper is supposed to stop water from flowing into the tank. If the chain holding the flapper is too short, it can leave some room for water to slip in. You can check this issue by pressing down on the flapper with a full tank, if pressing down on it stops the running water, you’ve found your problem!

To fix it just, add a link or two to the chain or get a longer chain that gives the flapper a little slack.

For a high-fill level

A high fill level can cause water to spill into the overflow tube and subsequently into the tank. This is easy to check, just let your tank fill up and see if the water level goes above the overflow tube.

To fix this issue, adjust your float arm by either bending it or using the adjustment screw to lower the water level.

For a broken fill valve

If your fill valve is broken, it’s a better idea to just replace it instead of going through the trouble of fixing it. Simply purchase a matching fill valve, empty your tank, and replace your old one! how to fix a running toilet 2

Solutions for a Running Toilet

Problem Diagnosis Solution
Worn Flapper The rubber flapper should stop water from flowing. If pressing down stops water, the chain is too short. Add a link or two to the chain or get a longer one that gives the flapper some slack.
High-Fill Level Water level in the tank rises above the overflow tube. Adjust the float arm by bending it or using the adjustment screw.
Broken Fill Valve If your fill valve is malfunctioning or broken. It’s recommended to replace the fill valve. Empty the tank and install a new, matching fill valve.


All in all, fixing a running toilet is not rocket science. It boils down to three problem areas; a broken fill valve, a worn flapper, or water in the overflow tube. All of these have relatively easy, quick, and affordable fixes without you having to call a plumber home. We hope that you now know how to fix a running toilet, good luck. If you need help please contact ABBA handyman services for more information.

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